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22 February 2017
Title Time Duration Description
"Early New England Country Stores" 7:00 PM 1 hour(s), 30 minutes “Early New England Country Stores:
The Asa Knight Country Store and its
Move to Old Sturbridge Village”

by Tom Kelleher, OSV

About the Presentation:
Shopping is the great American pastime! We are a nation of consumers with seemingly insatiable appetites. The roots of that trait were laid over two centuries ago in what historians have come to call a commercial revolution that swept the country. An essential aspect was the country store, bringing thousands of goods from around the globe into almost every rural community. This Powerpoint presentation will briefly examine early New England country stores and look at how Old Sturbridge Village restored and uses the Asa Knight Country Store to teach about New England’s past.

About the Presenter:
Tom Kelleher is currently Historian and Curator of Mechanical Arts at Old Sturbridge Village. In almost thirty years at that premier living history museum, he has worked as a costumed historical interpreter, trainer for the cooper shop, supervisor of the mills, coordinator of historic trades, research historian, and program coordinator. Tom has presented at scores of museums and historical societies around the country.